Rio Lagartos and Reserve

Atardecer en río lagartos
Welcome to the Rio Lagartos Tourist Guide which we have created in the hope of promoting the attractions and places of interest that we have to offer in the Rio Lagartos Bio Reserve, a small slice of unspoiled Yucatan waiting to be discovered.
The Biosphere Reserve Rio Lagartos is located in the most northerly part of the Yucatan state. On 26th June 1979, is was announced as a protected nature reserve with an area of 47,820 hectares; on 21st May 1999, due to the great diversity of natural resources within the reserve it was granted the status of Biosphere Reserve Ria Lagartos with a total area of 60,347.82 hectares. Within the reserve there are over 10 vegetation types, 58 mammal species and 395 birds species such as the tiger heron, frigate and brown pelican. Ria Lagartos is of vital importance as the nesting site of the pink caribbean flamingo (Phoenicoptherus ruber) that has been a source of great interest for the development of ecotourism in the region.
Extinguished visitor, based on article 198, fraction II of Federal Law it is requiered of all visitors of our protected nature parks to pay a entrance tax which goes towards the conservation of the area. Based on this law we ask all visitors of the Rio Lagartos Bio Reserve to respect the fee of $34.50 pesos (per person per day).

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